2023: Stable growth and celebration

With pride we look back on 2023, a year that is almost over. Growth continued slightly, especially due to the many emigrations we were able to take care of. There was also more stability due to a better distribution of tasks and we were able to celebrate our 12.5-year anniversary. Time for a review of this year by Arjan!

Balanced year with many emigrations

In the first half of the year, we continued to grow and achieved a new record of just under 50 projects just before the summer. Then we noticed that the economy was slowing down and as a result a decrease in growth. Since then, we have been stable. Once again, we could often be found at Schiphol Airport welcoming new colleagues with or without family members. Knowledge migrants in particular, who this year are building a future in the Netherlands in addition to new interesting work, have a large share in this growth. Meanwhile, because of this, we are also found and contacted by new clients to assist them in finding and on-boarding new talents from abroad. The search for suitable housing for our new colleagues did remain challenging due to the tightness in the housing market. Nevertheless, we always managed to find something in time.

Better focus through task division and automation

In the middle of the year, we divided the tasks in a better way. A number of responsibilities were shifted, which also improved focus. Externally, the Operations team led by Sander has a clearer face to our relations. Business Development and back office processes fall under the author’s umbrella. Internally, we have made a significant automation effort and have focused on getting more knowledge on paper instead of in heads. Besides more efficiency, this gives peace of mind and overview especially less hassle. Next year we will certainly enjoy the fruits of this approach. Even if it is only through the aforementioned focus and job satisfaction.


During the pandemic we had limited time to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Fortunately, we were able to put the desire to celebrate into practice two and a half years later. Recently, on an admittedly wet Saturday, we were able to enjoy a catered day at the Efteling with our colleagues, partners and family members.

Continuing to make a difference in 2024

Our vision is that we can only contribute to reducing the scarcity of engineers in the market by bringing in new engineers. We do this in addition to a good connection with Dutch engineers in our network with whom we are and come in contact because they are looking for a new challenge or their next project. In 2023 we were able to handle sixteen full emigrations with a good spread over the calendar year. Three more procedures have already been started for 2024.


Are you an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and interested in the opportunities in the Netherlands? Feel free to take a look at our vacancies page. Are you a client and looking for a committed partner for your capacity issues? Feel free to contact us.