A language internship for Connor

This week at TailorMinds we have a new intern who will be working with us, below he tells us more about this internship, the goal and what he wants to achieve by doing this internship.


“I’m Connor, I live in Leiden and I do havo, were I follow tto (bilingual education). I am 17 and in havo 4. In my spare time I like to go bouldering, do film photography and go out with friends.”

One of the criteria for finishing tto is to do an internship at an international company. TailorMinds is perfect for this due to them working with people from all around the world, my main focus will be on the English language within the company.

My main task will be to improve and complete the integration booklet. Besides that I would also like to help my colleagues for the short time I’m here and support them when needed. When choosing a company to do my internship TailorMinds was the first company that came to mind. The work they do here is interesting and they are willing to go through many hurdles to make it easier for their colleagues to move to the Netherlands.  Being someone who is currently in the Netherlands thanks to TailorMinds I know exactly what they are willing to do to make everyone comfortable and thus I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with them.

Purpose of internship

The purpose of this internship is to produce a integration booklet for kids. There is currently an integration booklet but that does not really dive deep into what it’s like to move to the Netherlands form a child’s perspective. This booklet can be very helpful to anyone under 18 that might find it difficult to adapt to the Dutch culture. The Dutch culture is a very interesting and unique culture that can be challenging for expats to understand. Furthermore, it will help to explain how the school system works in a simple but effective way. In addition to that it will explain the things that might not seem that important but can make the move much easier. It will be a short but informative booklet that will incapsulate as many tips as possible to make moving to the Netherlands easier.


The reason for doing this is because I know firsthand how difficult it can be to move to the Netherlands when your still in school. There is the language barrier which is one of if not the biggest hurdles to overcome when moving here. It can be difficult to integrate if you are from a different country and that is exactly why we want to make the integration booklet.

Are you interested?

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