A warm welcome to Faruk, a remarkable journey to the Netherlands

At TailorMinds, we recently had the privilege of welcoming Faruk to the Netherlands. Faruk is enthusiastic over his new role as a Project Engineer.

Initial connection

Our first encounter with Faruk traces back to the beginning of this year when we received his application. In response, we scheduled an initial online meeting to get to know him better. During this meeting, Faruk’s enthusiasm, openness, and profound passion for his field shone through. In our conversation, he expressed a keen interest in expanding his horizons in the field of engineering and his desire to continue his career in the Netherlands. We agreed to stay in touch, exploring  possibilities.

Finding the right fit

It wasn’t until the end of this year that a suitable position aligned with Faruk’s qualifications. The search for the perfect role for Faruk, led to the position of Project Engineer. His extensive educational background and diverse skill set, including programming, project management, and multilingual proficiency, made him a good fit. Faruk’s motivation to create a safe environment for his family in the Netherlands aligned perfectly with our commitment to building personal relationships. As a Project Engineer, Faruk’s expertise and enthusiasm promised to be a valuable addition to our team at TailorMinds.

Once we introduced his profile for consideration, he swiftly received an invitation for an interview. The first interview went exceptionally well from both sides, leading to a second interview where Faruk had the opportunity to meet key team members and delve into the specifics of the role and the culture of the client. The positive vibes persisted, and shortly after the second interview, we delivered the definitive confirmation – Faruk was ready to embark on this exciting journey.

Preparation and formalities

In partnership with Faruk and his family, we discussed the subsequent steps in the relocation process. Following the contract signing and setting a commencement date, we initiated the necessary formalities to facilitate their move to the Netherlands. Faruk was well-prepared, swiftly providing the required documents to initiate the immigration procedure with the IND. Shortly after submission, approval for their arrival in the Netherlands was given. By now, Faruk and his wife have secured suitable accommodation. Appointments for the collection of residence permits, bank account and municipal registration have been scheduled. TailorMinds wishes Faruk an abundance of happiness and success as they embark on this exciting new chapter in the Netherlands !


If you’re intrigued by the opportunities at TailorMinds, we encourage you to explore our job openings on our vacancy page. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact to us. We look forward to the potential of working together to create a bright future.