A warm welcome to Kayleen!

Last week we welcomed Kayleen and her partner to the Netherlands. Kayleen has now enthusiastically started at our relation as Packaging Engineer.

First acquaintance

The first contact with Kayleen was in the middle of last year after we received her application. Following her application, we scheduled a first online introduction. During this introduction, her enthusiasm, openness and passion for engineering stood out. Kayleen has a background in chemical engineering and work experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In the conversation she expressed a broad interest in engineering and would like to continue her career in the Netherlands. We agreed to keep contact regularly about interesting opportunities.

Suitable position

Yet it took until early this year for a suitable position to come along for Kayleen. We informed her about the position of Packaging Engineer that appealed to her. Her background is not specifically in packaging, but the client was looking for a candidate with enough leads and who could grow into a Packaging Engineer. After we highlighted her profile, an invitation for an interview soon followed. This interview went positively on both sides after which a second interview was scheduled. Kayleen got the chance to speak to a number of people and get all the information about the position and the organization. The positive feeling remained and shortly after the second interview came the final confirmation that Kayleen could start.

Preparation and formalities

Together with Kayleen and her partner we discussed the next steps in the procedure. After the contract was signed and the start date was determined, we could start with the formalities to make their arrival in the Netherlands possible. Kayleen had prepared well and was able to quickly submit the necessary documents. Since Kayleen and her partner are not married, additional documentation had to be provided with the help of Expat Relocation & Immigration Services. Soon after the submission, there was approval to come to the Netherlands. Kayleen and her partner have since found suitable housing. The arrangements for collecting the residence permits and registering with the municipality have been made. After this, the other formalities can be arranged such as applying for a bank account and health insurance.

We wish Kayleen and her partner the best of luck and success!


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