Bon Voyage Tayla Jane!

We will soon welcome Tayla Jane, our new colleague from South Africa. Tayla Jane will join one of our relations as a Continuous Improvement Engineer. Her work and residence permit application to the IND has been approved, and now we are waiting for the process to be completed at the Dutch embassy.

First introduction

We first met Tayla Jane when she applied for a Project Engineer vacancy. We invited her for an initial interview and introduction. In it, we were able to discuss the knowledge and experience we had gained and, in the process, get a good personal picture of Tayla Jane. It quickly became clear that Continuous Improvement is close to Tayla Jane’s heart, and that TailorMinds can add value. She was able to articulate well what her motivation was and why she was ready for further growth and a new life outside South Africa.

Introduction to our client

Shortly after the initial introduction, we introduced Tayla Jane to our client. At that time, they were looking for someone with experience and knowledge in the field of Lean, Continuous and Process the hands-on mentality and strong collaboration with all teams matched Tayla Jane’s experience. The job interview followed shortly after where she was given the opportunity to present herself both professionally and personally. There was a positive impression from both sides and a second interview soon followed. After the collaboration was confirmed, the contracts were signed and the procedure started.

IND procedure

Tayla Jane will come to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant in the near future. The IND procedure for a work and residence permit has been approved and Tayla Jane will go to Cape Town to collect the MVV visa. Furthermore, are we busy preparing for her arrival in the Netherlands. There is a lot of communication about the progress of the relocation process and other formalities for Tayla Jane to prepare. Including things like finding the right property, and booking airline tickets.


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