Certificates for Peter and Sander

Last month, Peter attended a TEIQue training at Thomas International and Sander attended a BHV training at BHV-Nederland. We now have confirmation that both have passed their courses.

BHV Sander

In the context of ‘better safe than sorry’, Sander received a refresher course in company emergency services (BHV). As a result, we once again have someone certified as a point of contact in the office in case of an emergency. But above all, someone who knows how to act in the event of an emergency. Our consultants’ work is largely carried out from the office. Sander recently went over a number of practical matters in our internal meeting. Especially how to act when the BHV officer is not in the office.

TEIQue Peter

Within TailorMinds we use tools from Thomas International when it comes to guiding and coaching colleagues. One of these tools is the TEIQue. Peter has recently been certified for this. TEIQue stands for Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire and focuses on emotional intelligence. It provides good insight into dealing with one’s own emotions and those of colleagues. We use this tool to support the personal development of our colleagues.


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