Dutch crash course and new job for Andi

Last Wednesday a new colleague started at TailorMinds: Andi. He started at one of our relations as a Consultant with his first assignment focused on Asset Management. To make the integration into his new role easier, he followed an intense language course.

We keep in touch

With Andi we had been in contact for some time. While still living in South Africa, he was curious about the opportunities through TailorMinds. For him, the opportunities were a little easier because he also holds a European passport. Eventually he managed to find a job in the Netherlands through his network. We kept in touch for what might come later.

Some time later we got in touch again. The outlined expectations did not quite match so he inquired with us about other possibilities. The search could begin again.

Perseverance wins

In the current Dutch labor market, we notice that many of our clients wish to receive a candidate who is already living in the Netherlands. This is not always easy in the current economic climate, but with Andi we were able to aim for several possibilities. Despite the good matches with our clients, a start did not happen.

Until the opportunity arose at one of our relations to work as a Consultant. After some good discussions, we quickly agreed that this was a good fit for both parties. However, there was still one request from the client: a higher level of Dutch language.

Crash course in Dutch

The Dutch language proved challenging, especially with the time available prior to his start as a Consultant. A person does not learn a new language in one day. For Andi, there is an advantage in that he has a command of Afrikaans, something close to the Dutch language. But how do we get to a desired language level within a reasonably short time?

Last summer we were in contact with Lisette from Linco for that purpose. They offer a week-long intensive course with the goal of raising the Dutch language level. Both Andi and we are satisfied with the result: Andi is now able to have Dutch conversations. With this extra baggage Andi can get to work and we wish him good luck with that!

Interested in working with or at TailorMinds?

Does the above story appeal to you and are you also actively searching within the Dutch food industry? Feel free to contact us. Perhaps we can start a similar trajectory with you.