Five-year collaboration with Cees

Recently we celebrated the valuable cooperation with our colleague Cees. By now we have been working together for five years on different projects in different forms. On to the next five?


In the summer of 2018, we became acquainted with Cees. At that time he was looking for his next position/project in the field of IT, automation and CSV. Soon there was the click and just as quickly there was a project available as Project Manager IT at one of our relations within the pharmaceutical industry. A start on this project followed which was eventually completed positively.

Where in one project the agreement is about a take-over after a certain period of time, in other projects this is not always the case. This can lead to some colleagues moving on to another project via TailorMinds. Such was the case with Cees. The IT project was completed and after a short period in between, the next project focused on Data Integrity which was also completed positively.

The next opportunity was waiting for Cees as Project Lead Automation for another client in the pharmaceutical industry. This project has been running for about two years and there is still plenty to do.

Different forms

On this last project, Cees chose to stop working as an employee and to continue as a self-employed person. Since Cees had his registration as self-employed and all the associated formalities in order, this was not a problem for TailorMinds. We work with both salaried and self-employed colleagues. The relationship of authority changed and after this we no longer talked about remuneration in the form of salary, but an invoice for services rendered.

Thank you

To celebrate this five-year cooperation, we treated him and his partner to a pleasant evening with a high-quality and tasty dinner. If it all fits, we hope for a nice continuation of this relationship. For now, we thank Cees for his commitment and cooperation over the past five years. Whether there will be another five years, time will tell.

Working as a self-employed at TailorMinds

Are you, like Cees, self-employed and are you curious about the possibilities through TailorMinds? Or are you thinking about working as a self-employed person within our industries? We would love to help you. Please visit our self-employed page for more information or contact us.