Leaving employment

Our posts are often about new colleagues starting. Of course, over time, employments come to an end or colleagues sometimes resign. Retirement can also be a reason for offboarding. We are happy to provide advice on what you can at least consider in the process of offboarding.

Different forms of termination

When the initiative of termination is yours, you can terminate the agreement by doing so in writing and signed with a letter. No matter how things turn out, it is good to know that we, and we expect this from everyone, will do everything possible to maintain a good relationship with each other and the client. Upon receipt of the resignation, we will get in touch about handling and coordinating the last day’s work.

Another possibility is when a definite-term contract ends and there is no follow-up assignment. In that case, we will give you a month’s notice and send you a confirmation letter after the end of employment. You will in any case need this letter if you report to the UWV. Furthermore, if there is no successive employment, you are entitled to transition compensation.

Salary statement, reserves and annual statement

After you leave employment, an employer should take care of a proper final settlement. This includes paying out the outstanding holiday allowance reserve and the positive leave balance. Make sure your former employer keeps your current address details, as the annual statement is issued in the first two months of the new calendar year. Many employers now do this digitally, in that case make sure you can continue to log in.


All pension amounts are paid by the employer, often one or two months behind the salary settlement. In case of doubt, you can check with the pension provider after some time if all funds have been deposited. Some pension providers also confirm the change. In any case, you can log on to Welkom op Mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl with your DigiD and also see there after some time whether everything has been settled correctly.

For expats

If you are a knowledge migrant and you leave employment with a current permit, your old employer will deregister you with the IND. Your new employer will have to register you again on the first working day. It is good to make sure that both employers are well aware of the applicable regulations. If there is no successive employment, make sure you are well informed about the IND’s regulations because you will have to leave the Netherlands after some time. Do you have an ongoing 30% ruling? Then request a copy of the obtained decision from your employer. With this copy, your new employer can quite easily transfer this regulation.


Are you an (international) engineer working in the pharmaceutical industry. Then we encourage you to take a look at our vacancies on our vacancies page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.