Maternity leave Tiffany

Maternity leave Tiffany

Last Tuesday was Tiffany’s last day at TailorMinds for now. Tiffany is expecting a baby in early January and is on maternity leave. A fitting farewell after a year full of change for her.

A year full of change

2022 is a year of change for Tiffany. Apart from being employed at TailorMinds since July, she is married and is currently expecting. Tiffany and her partner revealed during the wedding party that they are expecting a boy by opening a box full of blue balloons.

Maternity leave

For now, Tiffany has at least 16 weeks of maternity/birth leave, depending on when she will give birth. But a maternity leave: what about that? Since August this year, the leave regulations have changed in the Netherlands. For example, from now on you can take 9 weeks of additional leave for both the mother and partner during the first year of the child’s life while retaining 70% of your salary. Furthermore, there is an expansion of 5 days of birth leave that is paid in full for the partner. Finally, additional birth leave of 5 weeks at 70% of salary can be taken in the first six months after the birth.

See you soon Tiffany

Tiffany brought delicious pastries last Tuesday and we waved her goodbye and wished her well. She can now enjoy some more peace and quiet at home and wait for little man to report. See you in April!

Temporary replacement

We have posted a job opening to replace Tiffany online. We are looking for reinforcement both during her leave and the period after in the role of Recruitment Support Officer and/or Administrative Assistant. Would you like more information? If so, please contact us.