NEN 4400 Audit ahead of new permit system

Last week, we had the full NEN 4400 audit at TailorMinds. The audit was conducted by auditors from Normec VRO. We are proud to report that we passed this audit without any comments.

Approach to permit system

The NEN 4400 standardisation, like any reliable quality mark, is constantly evolving. The purpose of this movement is to keep improving quality. Additionally, it is a good measuring moment in the approach to the new permit system.

It is as good as certain that the reintroduction of the licensing system for temporary employment agencies will take place in the Netherlands starting 2026. A good development in our opinion. The basis for this upcoming permit system is for the most part the same as the current standardisation. New additional requirements will be added at the start of the permit system. It is for this reason that we were keen to pass the audit without comments. So that we are well prepared to apply for the permit. Finally, for us, this snapshot shows that we have our processes properly under control.

Content audit

During the audit, our financial and payroll records are reviewed. We also check whether there are any unjustified net payments or whether we are short-changing our colleagues by not following a client’s collective labour agreement in terms of, for instance, overtime arrangements or other remuneration. Furthermore, an extensive random sample was used to check all files for the presence of valid and signed documents, including files of self-employed workers. At the end of the day, no documents were found to be missing.


Temporary employment agencies and secondment companies are regularly portrayed in a negative light in the media. This happens especially with malicious companies in our sector. We expect the mentioned permit system to make a big difference in the future. This is because you are no longer allowed to operate without a permit. In addition, the Government is expanding inspections and enforcement capacity. As an NBBU member, we are well prepared for the entry process by our branch organisation. As a result, we look forward to the next audit with confidence.


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