PPA certificate for Peter

Within TailorMinds we use the tools of Thomas International when it comes to better understanding applicants and coaching and coaching colleagues. One of these tools is the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) for which Peter has recently also been certified.


A PPA provides an accurate insight into people’s work behavior. You will receive a detailed profile of people’s work and support strengths, their communication style, their value to the organization, motivators, biggest fears and how they behave under pressure.

Use PPA within TailorMinds

Making and discussing a profile analysis at TailorMinds is optional. Colleagues are asked if there is any interest in completing this PPA and discussing the analysis.

The outcome of this test does not provide a result with right or wrong values, but is used to provide colleagues with insight into work behavior and to discuss their added value for the organization. Since last week, in addition to Arjan and Sander, Peter is now also in possession of this certificate.


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