Quarterly meeting and team building “in the small space”.

Last week we were guests at Castle De Vanenburg in Putten for our quarterly meeting, during which we did teambuilding in the small space in the afternoon. It is not the first time we have been guests here. The place is inspiring, the service good and it is located nicely central in the Netherlands. In the meeting, we reflected on the results, evaluation of the change to shared leadership and ongoing projects. Finally, we took time to give each other feedback.

Nicely stable

After a long period of growth, which also continued in the first half of this year, this stabilised from the summer onwards. We still facilitate many emigrations for our relations and help clients fill their capacity issues. This is currently leading us to maintain a nice stability. We are looking positively towards 2024, because even though fewer large projects are expected in our market, the replacement demand due to an ageing population remains the same.

Shared leadership and projects

Since the middle of this year, we have divided tasks differently. Sander became responsible for Operations and Arjan has Business Development and Processes under his responsibility. We reviewed the resulting shared responsibilities with the team and were curious whether there were any ambiguities or so-called grey areas. From this first review, this was not the case, which is nice.

We have also been running an automation project for improved payroll processing since the beginning of the year with the help of Wierd Snieder of Yowitec and Merijn de Gier of Ixier. All this was done in close cooperation with Ingo Rutting of payroll processor Annonu. The project was a “conversion while the shop was open”, despite this the results are good: fewer corrections, less pressure at the time of payroll processing and, above all, fewer handling.

The final phase of this project to be completed is mainly securing the new way of working in manuals and process descriptions.


At TailorMinds, we are in the office with a small group and have an open collaboration. In such a setting, you can intentionally or unintentionally overlook or miss each other. It was nice to see that we stand by each other when things are not going so well for a while, can give feedback on content and grant each other insights without it becoming personal.

Teambuilding “in the small space”

After an excellent lunch, we left for Uddel for a Mini classic tour. We divided into three groups, each with their own Mini, one of which was even older than 50 years! Afterwards, we left for a beautiful and sometimes tough puzzle ride where we competed for the most points on the questions along the way. After a nice drive and the realisation that the current technology in cars has made great progress, and not to mention the somewhat larger space in your own car, we went home happy and satisfied.


Interested in working with or at TailorMinds?

Does the above story appeal to you? At the moment, we do not have a current vacancy. But, entrepreneurial as we are. If you are or know an intermediary or recruiter who enjoys (international) customisation and knows how to make a real connection? Please feel free to contact us.