Quarterly meeting Q4-2021 "What went well, what could be improved and what do these results mean for next time, action or moment."

Quarterly meeting Q4-2021

Quarterly meeting last Friday we held our quarterly meeting Q4-2021. Despite the fact that there are now some relaxations in the Corona policy, we held the meeting online. As previously reported in our review of 2021, we had a good year. During the meeting, we discussed this in more detail and asked ourselves: “What went well, what could be improved and what do these results mean for a next time, action or moment?


One of the most important conclusions is that as a result of our growth, we noticed, particularly during the last quarter, that there were occasional “niggles and creaks”. In other words, with the current internal staffing, we are reaching the limits of our capabilities. The result is that we cannot always do the things that give us energy. Fortunately, we saw this coming early in Q4 and our intern Roy helped us with a good analysis of this issue. As always we looked at our personal “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycles and feedbacked each other in a positive, constructive and direct approach.


The plan for 2022 is to serve our clients (even) better or more in filling their capacity needs. Whether this is an engineer who lives and works in the Netherlands, or an engineer for whom we can arrange a complete emigration, is not necessarily a deciding factor. As long as we can help and advice our clients.

For this reason, we love to strengthen our team in the coming weeks with one or two Consultants and that we also strengthen our team with a Commercial (Management) Assistant.

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