See you soon Reshen

Early next year we welcome a new colleague from South Africa: Reshen. He will start working as a Project Engineer Maintenance at one of our clients in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry in mid-January. A short recap of his process so far and coming.

The process before

We got in touch with Reshen late last year after he indicated via an online job board that he was open to a new job. Initially, he was focused on a position in his region. Our question was whether he was also open to a future in the Netherlands. To this the answer was not yet formed, but the interest was piqued. So there was an initial online introduction where we explained the possibilities. Based on this, Reshen was not only interested in a job in the Netherlands, but also ready to leave.

As is usually the case, we first need a suitable vacancy before we can make a candidate a concrete offer. After all, we are a specialist staffing agency and not a manufacturing plant. We spent a year working with different clients and opportunities. Unfortunately, that didn’t lead to the desired result at the time, until a few weeks ago. An interview quickly followed and based on that, he was selected for the position. The process for him and his family could be set in motion.

The ongoing process

After the client’s approval was in, we were able to start the process. Because the papers for the family are not quite ready yet, we opted for a situation where Reshen as a scout will set up everything in the Netherlands where his wife in the country of origin will take care of the matter over there.

Because of this, for now we have only applied for a visa for him which has been approved. For now the focus is on finding suitable accommodation. Given the current housing market this is always a challenge, but always one we will not shy away from.

We wish Reshen and his family the best of luck with everything that comes their way. Fortunately, they can count on the support of TailorMinds in many matters. Upon arrival we will give him, and later his family, a warm welcome. So for now: see you soon Reshen!


If you are intrigued by the opportunities at TailorMinds, we encourage you to check out our job openings on our jobs page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the possibilities of working together on a bright future.