Special cooperation for Nathan!

We will soon be able to welcome Nathan and Kayleigh to the Netherlands. This is the result of a special collaboration between a regional strong recruitment agency and a specialist in guiding emigration combined with work.


The world of recruitment is one of many networks. Yet there is surprisingly little cooperation. For quite some time, we have maintained good contacts with a number of fellow companies including STAEL Recruitment. A few years ago we worked together on a project before with a positive result. Recently, a new situation led to another great cooperation combining the regional strength of STAEL Recruitment’s colleagues with the experience in facilitating and guiding work-related emigrations.

Suitable position

For the Turnaround Specialist vacancy, Nathan had proactively contacted one of STAEL’s relations himself. Based on the positive discussions, he was offered a job. This created the request towards STAEL Recruitment to see if there was also a match between them and Nathan to facilitate his arrival in the Netherlands but also to employ him.

Soon it turned out to be a match and we were off and running!

Preparations and formalities

Together with Nathan and Kayleigh, we discussed the next steps in the procedure. After the contract had been signed and the start date set, we could start the formalities at the IND to enable their arrival in the Netherlands. Nathan was quickly able to submit the necessary documents to start the IND procedure. With additional help from Expat Relocation & Immigration Services for Kayleigh’s procedure, we submitted everything to the IND. Approval to come to the Netherlands followed within a week.

Meanwhile, we have found suitable housing together. The tickets have been booked and the appointments for collecting the residence permits and registering with the municipality will soon follow. After this, the other formalities can be arranged such as applying for a bank account and health insurance. We wish Nathan and Kayleigh the best of luck and success as they pursue their careers in the Netherlands.


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