Successful shortened NEN-Audit

Last Thursday, we again successfully passed the half-yearly audit conducted by Normec. It is a voluntary choice of TailorMinds to do this. We would like to tell you more about the quality label, its usefulness and why we do it.

Quality mark

The quality mark of Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA) was created for the temporary employment sector and work contractors to limit the risks for hirers of labour and work contractors. Based on current legislation, hiring parties face the risk of being held liable for obligations from labour that have not been met by hirers or (sub) contractors.

The value

Companies with this quality mark are periodically checked for their labour obligations, reducing the risk for the hirer and subcontractor. What is checked is described in the NEN4400 standard. Employees also benefit. Nationals often know their way around in their own country, but if you come from outside the Netherlands to work here, you don’t know this yet. On its website, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration states that the entrepreneurs affiliated with the quality mark have their (personnel) administration in order, pay taxes and premiums on time and that the employees hired through them are entitled to work in the Netherlands.


Reading the above, you may wonder why not all temporary employment agencies and secondment services providers voluntarily join such a quality mark. In the market, we unfortunately still hear stories of fellow companies that do not comply with the rules. TailorMinds is not the best student in the class. But we do stand for following a clear standard that takes clients and employees seriously when it comes to applicable laws and regulations.

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