Tax afternoon

Last Friday afternoon, the office at TailorMinds was buzzing with activity. With our partner Annonu, with whom we collaborate in the field of payroll processing, among other things, we organised a tax afternoon to support in filing tax returns. We couldn’t make it more fun… or could we?


Not every colleague knows how filling out tax returns works. Despite the multitude of tools, books or manuals, filing tax returns is considered complex. For this reason, we offer our colleagues help in filing tax returns. Nordin from Annonu was present at the office for 1-on-1 meetings. Beforehand, some of our colleagues were already in the office to have lunch together. We have a nearby butcher who prepared delicious “luxury” sandwiches for us. It became pleasantly busy where there was an opportunity to catch up with each other. After lunch, people were able to meet privately with Nordin to prepare the tax return and discuss what needs to be supplied.

First tax declaration

When you emigrate to the Netherlands, a lot comes your way. After completion of a calendar year, there is also the first tax return to be filed. A first tax return is extra complex because you are not yet familiar with the Dutch tax system. In addition, a tax return covers a full calendar year, while most expats have a broken fiscal year in their first year. As we at TailorMinds strive to complete the circle in this area as well, the offer of help with the first tax return is a natural part of this.


Apart from providing or offering pay slips and annual statement, this is a process we only facilitate. The completion and outcomes are private. For exactly this reason, it is nice to know that our colleagues can use the expert advice of Nordin of Annonu to achieve a correct return.


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