Tiffany is back at the office!

As we previously announced, our in-house colleague Tiffany went on maternity leave in early December. She gave birth to a healthy son named Kane on January 14. Tiffany started again since April 11 after more than 4 months of leave.

What about in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, you can go on leave from week 34 to week 36 of pregnancy. With the exception of heavily physically demanding jobs, in which case you are required to go on leave in week 34. Maternity leave lasts until the day of delivery, after which it is automatically converted to maternity leave. Tiffany chose to go on maternity leave at week 36. Because the baby came later than planned, the maternity leave was also extended.

Calculating childbirth leave

Maternity leave starts the day after delivery. The leave lasts for at least 10 weeks, even if the baby is born later than the due date. In that case, maternity leave and childbirth leave together exceed 16 weeks. Was the baby born prematurely? Then you add the days the maternity leave was shorter than 6 weeks to the maternity leave. The total leave period then totals 16 weeks.
Is the baby born after the due date? Then add the days between birth and due date to the 16-week period. The total leave period then exceeds 16 weeks with a maximum of 18 weeks.
In the Netherlands, a pregnancy will never last longer than 42 weeks. And you will get extra checkups after the due date with the midwife or gynecologist.

Tiffany and Kane are doing well. Kane is now 3 months old. We are happy to have Tiffany back in the office, healthy and well. Combining motherhood and a job TailorMinds can be a challenge and with that we wish her well!

Interested in working at TailorMinds?

At the moment we have no urgent internal vacancies at TailorMinds. However, we are always interested in getting in touch with people-focused Recruiters who enjoy (international) 360 degree customization and know how to make a real connection. Please feel free to contact us for a good conversation or more information.