Welcome Tayla Jane

Yesterday it was time to head to a busy Schiphol Airport again. We went to the airport to welcome our new colleague Tayla Jane and of course to pick her up. As we stood there, it was hard to believe how deserted it was a few years ago. Fortunately, she arrived safely and on time.

The process

We had been in contact with Tayla Jane since January and knew that she would like to continue her career in the Netherlands. After a few good conversations with TailorMinds, a successful online introduction to our client also followed. After the employment contract was issued, preparations for departure began.

Smooth start

There is still much to do before she starts next Monday as a Process Continuous Improvement Engineer at one of our relations. Upon arrival, there was time to rest for Tayla Jane. Over the next few days, we had to get right to work picking up the residence permit and planning enough travel time. Fortunately, a house had already been found and only the key exchange had to take place. Registering with the municipality as soon as possible is also important to be able to be in the Dutch social system. Here you have to think about the importance of getting health insurance.

Carefree settling in

Now that everything has been properly arranged, whereby the nevertheless tough and extensive emigration process has become much less stressful, Tayla Jane can look forward to a worry-free start at the client. We wish you the best of luck Tayla Jane!

Thinking in possibilities

At TailorMinds, we have learned to think in possibilities; problems are challenges and disappointments are opportunities. Are you an engineer from the pharmaceutical industry and interested in opportunities at TailorMinds? Then contact us or respond to one of the job openings if it matches your knowledge and skills.