Working on 2024

Last Friday, the “Operations Team” was put together to evaluate the past year and look ahead to this year at Golf Course Hitland in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. A look back at a white, sunny and creative day.

Challenges of 2023

Last year we were able to guide a number of beautiful projects, each of which is unique. Where for one everything goes according to plan, for another everything goes completely differently than planned beforehand. The available and suitable housing was often one of the challenges in combination with appropriate schooling in the neighborhood for the children. In the end, this always came to a desired end.

Another challenge we looked back on is the labor market. The availability of technical specialists in the Netherlands is scarce which makes the search competitive. Through close cooperation with our clients we try to put together a nice package for our colleagues on location. In addition, we visit them regularly in order to keep their attention. Still, we have noticed that sometimes money seems to be unlimited at companies where the need is high. With this we cannot and do not always want to compete.

Looking forward to 2024

For this year we have already started the first project with the next two already on the agenda. The demand for technical specialists remains high, with the Dutch language usually remaining a requirement, or at least a preference. To this end, we have started a number of targeted programs abroad from which we will have the benefits later this year and next.

In addition, we are curious about developments within Dutch politics. There seems to be a lot of pressure on immigrations to the Netherlands. Where will the coalition in formation draw the dividing line? Who will add enough value and who will not? What criteria will determine this choice? To date, we have found that our foreign colleagues on location add value to Dutch society. They are willing and busy learning the Dutch language, they bring scarce knowledge and skills into the economy, the work-life balance is in order and they are building their future here.

Golf clinic

To end the day, we went to the driving range to learn how to tee off skillfully. It looks and sounds simple: hitting a ball. The necessary technique, control and precision proved to be an art form with each stroke, especially when the three factors had to be combined. With a good dose of feedback from our golf instructor, the day ended successfully and we look forward to what this year has to offer.


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