Martin has arrived in the Netherlands

At the beginning of this year we reported that we started a guidance service for the South African engineer Martin. In the meantime, Martin arrived in the Netherlands yesterday and we started with the last formalities.

IND procedure

At the end of December we had already started the procedures with the IND to apply for a knowledge migrant visa. After the approval it was important to make an appointment at a Dutch embassy or consulate in South Africa as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this was not so easy because of COVID-19 which meant that the next appointments were only available in February. This while Martin was expected to start working in the Netherlands in early February. Fortunately, the client was flexible regarding the start date so we were able to shift things around.

Arrival in the Netherlands

With his MVV (authorization for temporary stay) in his pocket, Martin could finally come to the Netherlands. Yesterday we picked him up at Schiphol and took him to his temporary address. In addition, we expect to welcome his wife and daughter in the Netherlands at the end of March. For the daughter there is another procedure at the IND that takes more time.

In terms of COVID-19 measures, Martin did not have to go into preventive self-quarantine on arrival in the Netherlands. This is because South Africa recently coded yellow and because Martin met the requirements for not being eligible for self-quarantine.

Search for a home

As described earlier, Martin is staying in temporary accommodation. We are currently busy looking for a home near his Dutch employer. The challenge lies in the combination of tightness in the housing market and having pets. This is because landlords can choose tenants and usually prefer someone without pets. The risk of nuisance is estimated to be higher with pets. Nevertheless, we will keep looking until we succeed.


Curious about the further details of the support from TailorMinds for both local and international engineers? Or are you curious about possible emigration trajectories? Feel free to contact us and we will gladly look into the possibilities together.