Safety first

At TailorMinds, most of our colleagues work in a technical environment. Safety is always the number one priority to prevent unwanted situations. As a recruitment company we are not on location every day. How can we ensure the best possible safety for our colleagues on location?

Technical safety

The first responsibility lies with the client where the work is performed. They often offer specific training and provide safety clothing. We do our part by creating and testing awareness and assisting where necessary. We organize a VCA course and exam for all our colleagues so that they have the necessary certificate early. Furthermore, we provide our colleagues with the necessary protective equipment such as safety vests and shoes. Combined with the strict procedures and training given at the manufacturers and laboratories, safety and quality is increased.

Social safety

In addition to physical safety, we also consider the social safety of our colleagues. Through our frequent visits to catch up, we go through a risk inventory (RI&E) prepared by the NBBU. This inventory also deals with social safety in the workplace. We discuss any resulting deviations with the client.

If there is an undesirable situation that cannot be shared with us, we also have an external confidant with whom this situation can be discussed. In these ways, we try to create a pleasant working environment for our colleagues.

Working at TailorMinds

Are you looking for a new challenge within the life science industry? Possibly also within the HSE? Our clients are regularly looking for specialists in this field for various projects such as constructions, contamination control and environmental guidelines. Should you be interested, please feel free to contact us.