Alternative to end-of-year dinner

Before the pandemic, it was good practice to invite our colleagues and their partners for a well-cared-for end-of-year dinner. This was to show our appreciation for their efforts over the past year. Last year, the lockdown prevented this from happening and we used vouchers from a local restaurant to make a remote dinner possible. This year, for a while, it seemed possible to organise a dinner after all. At the beginning of November, it became clear that this would unfortunately be difficult. So this alternative to end-of-year dinner.


During the brainstorming session for a safe alternative that could take place outside, the Efteling quickly emerged as a good alternative. Everything was prepared and last Saturday was the day. With almost sixty colleagues, partners and family members the visit to the Efteling could begin.

Voucher and practical gift

Before and during the agreed time slot, we met everyone outside the park to have a chat, give them a voucher for food and a practical end-of-year gift. Afterwards, everyone went their separate ways; for the people who were alone and appreciated the company, small groups were formed.

Positive feedback

The rest of the day it was nice to meet a colleague again at various attractions. At the end of the afternoon everyone went home with a satisfied feeling. We received a lot of emails and e-mails referring to a fantastic day. Because sometimes images say more than words, we added some photos.

Energy from connections?

A nice day out can be a reason to choose TailorMinds as a potential employer. But there are more. We have interesting projects and nice vacancies for engineers in the pharmaceutical industry. Working with and for TailorMinds means more, read about it in the section: Approach – TailorMinds on our website and contact us if this appeals to you.