Capacity solutions with expats

In the next two weeks, TailorMinds will welcome three foreign engineers, each of whom will bring extensive experience to our clients. Our quality does not only lie in recruiting the right engineer, but we also remain involved for a long time afterwards. This is because in our view the real work only begins.

Focus on work

Together with the engineer, we arrange his / her new accommodation, engage network partners for specific issues such as schooling for the children, provide relevant information prior to emigration and logically for onboarding in the Dutch system. This allows the new colleague to start his / her new job without any worries, with all the focus on the proper fulfillment of it. In addition, we start at an early stage in consultation with the client a plan to also master the Dutch language.

Cold water fear

We notice that many clients are struggling with their capacity issues. The format of the step to hire someone who is willing to make a fresh start in a country that is new to him / her is not to be underestimated. Fueled by negative experiences that often circulate more quickly in the market compared to positive experiences, or the hope of finding someone who speaks good Dutch, the safe path is chosen. This may help the client, but at the meta level there is a shift in the problem. By bringing in new people in a good way, we contribute to a solution.

TailorMinds the solution?

Is TailorMinds’ approach the complete solution? Certainly not. What we do is a drop in the ocean, but a realistic one with a long-term vision. In addition to professional advice, good guidance and job satisfaction, we would like to contribute to part of the solution. Are you concerned about the implementation or the lack of implementation of your capacity issues? We are happy to exchange ideas with you as a client about this without any obligation. Perhaps more is possible than you think!