Openingsfeest / Enjoying the opening party during the quarterly meeting

Enjoying the opening party during the quarterly meeting

Last week was a beautiful and busy one. All in all, it was enjoying the opening party during the quarterly meeting.

Opening party

Few people will have missed it. In addition to the well-deserved holidays, we have been extra busy in recent months. This was because we were able to move into our new office building on the Röntgenlaan at the beginning of September.

It is always good to pause and reflect on the achievement of a milestone. That’s why, with assistance of Dufais Catering, we had a nice atmospheric evening in a beautiful tent. Together with family, friends, business associates and colleagues, we celebrated.

Earlier in the day, we had met our neighbours from the surrounding buildings. We had invited them to coffee/tea with cake. Besides getting acquainted, there was plenty of “networking” going on.

Quarterly meeting

As the following day was already 1 October and thus the start of a new quarter, this time at our brand new office. With good energy from the evening before and a full agenda, we looked back on the past busy period. We discussed the necessary preparations and actions for already the last quarter. Now that the situation is more conducive, we are “on the road” again more often to meet our business relations and employees face to face.

Growth opportunities

Since our new banding strategy, including name change last year. We have been growing steadily, which we are proud of. In particular, the influx of knowledge migrants from various countries in which we seem to be building a good reputation provides new impulses. Are you an international engineer, and does a possible immigration interest you? Then please contact us in advance, without obligation, or take a look at our vacancy page.

We have been thinking together about how we can absorb further growth by further expanding our team. For now, the direction is clear. In the coming period, we will continue to work hard to help our relations and clients find qualified and self-confident engineers.

Client, TailorMinds connects?

Are you a client who is busy with capacity issues? We would like to get in touch with you! Besides giving professional advice, good coaching and facilitating job satisfaction, we would like to contribute to a part of the solution for the labour shortage challenge.