Hartlik verwelkom Tiffany

After the earlier announcement of the arrival of our new colleague, two weekends ago Tiffany finally arrived in the Netherlands. She started this week in her new position of QA Production Engineer at our relation. So we say Hartlik verwelkom Tiffany.

Arrival at Schiphol

While waiting for the necessary documents in South Africa, Tiffany was ready for her new start. After receiving these documents the tickets could be booked with destination Amsterdam. After a tiring flight Tiffany landed safely and set foot on Dutch soil. Afterwards she went into quarantine and after a negative test she started in her new job with our client.

New home

In the background we were already busy with the preparations for her arrival. Finding suitable accommodation was a priority. Given the current situation in the overcrowded housing market, this was a challenge. But despite an unexpected small hurdle, we succeeded in finding a nice flat. Close to the beach, entirely to Tiffany’s liking.

Proactive and next steps

Tiffany had made the appointment for a COVID test after her quarantine and had already driven the route to work as a reconnaissance. This pro-activity characterises her and will certainly help her to quickly find her feet in the Netherlands.

Because Tiffany now has a home and has started working, the first steps have been taken to start the formalities that need to be arranged. For example registration at the municipality, applying for a bank account and arranging health insurance. The collection of the proof of her residence permit is also planned. TailorMinds will assist her in completing the necessary documents and making the appointments with the authorities.


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