Training Industriële Automatisering

Industrial Automation Training

TailorMinds has maintained a good relationship with Actemium for years. Throughout the years, several qualified engineers found a permanent workplace with them via TailorMinds. Recently, consultants Arjan and Peter followed the training ‘Industrial Automation for non-technicians’.

Actemium is a knowledge partner for many of her relations. This is why we were aware of the fact that they also provide various professional trainings. After the theoretical part of the training Arjan and Peter could get their hands dirty with practical assignments. For this purpose Actemium has set up a practice area called Edulab.

Purpose of the training

At TailorMinds we find it important that our consultants are aware of the developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Gathering professional knowledge and experience is central to this. We can apply this in discussions with professionals and our relations.

Especially carrying out ‘hands-on’ assignments in combination with theoretical knowledge provides a good basis to build on. Just learning how to program a PLC is not enough, as we experienced that day. On the one hand, to use the knowledge we already have and to experience new developments within the field of industrial automation on the other hand.

Structure of the training

Arjan and Peter went to work programming a PLC. The assignment was to do this using a logical structure. This brought the necessary challenges. You oversee the steps to be taken in their entirety, but to then “cut” these into divisible instructions was a tough challenge.


At the end of the day, one of the conclusions was that in addition to the acquired “programming knowledge”, work experience and routine in an automated environment are a must to be successful in the use of PLC and related systems. If you use the practical experience gained in addition to programming, your output will be more sustainable and less error-prone.


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